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Knucklehead Circus by Old Blind Dogs

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

The old blind dogs have been around since 1992 and they don't get tired of doing good things! Their latest album, Knucklehead Circus, released in November, is yet another example of the incredible work they have been doing with traditional Scottish music.

As if it was not enough releasing an EP early this year, Reimagined, with rearrangements of the group's already known themes for the current lineup, Jonny Hardie, founding member, on fiddle, vocals and guitar; Aaron Jones, bouzouki, vocals and guitar; Ali Hutton, Bagpipes, Whistles and Guitar; and the newest acquisition, Donald Hay, on percussion and vocals, came together, within the possibilities of the pandemic, and released an entire album with the unmistakable signature that they carry in their identity. Powerful sets of tunes and songs, with well-constructed arrangements, mixing with great taste all the external influences that the members bring to the band.

Photo by Archie MacFariane

As Donald Hay said: "We have all missed performing and audiences have missed attending live concerts, so we wanted to create a big, positive and joyous album which would work well on stage now that we can safely return to live music.

Living through the pandemic has highlighted the things that are important to us all, in particular: family, friends and the positive impact that music and congregation can have on our lives. We wanted to focus on those silver linings and throw in a little social comment to hopefully create an enjoyable, cohesive and uplifting album."

And they succeed!

Specially remarkable are: the track that loudly opens the album, Kuclehead Circus; the powerful songs John Barleycorn and Here We Go Again; the Breton suite and its very delicate arrangement; and the progressive set The Road.

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