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Meg LaGrande releases first single "With The Dawn"

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Fiddler and vocalist Meg LaGrande's first solo single "With The Dawn" came out this Monday - a sound that evokes a mix of Celtic Folk, Indie, with a touch of Clannad and Lorenna McKennitt on the beat and vocals, along with the lines of traditional fiddle. The single was produced by Alex Ryan and was released alongside the video directed by Roisin El Cherif (Vikings and Game of Thrones).

The videoclip portrays well what the song "With The Dawn" wants to go through - according to Meg, the inspiration came after an evening immersed in the most traditional Irish music festival Willie Clancy with the company of friends, lots of music and all the nature that surrounds County Clare.

I got to know Meg's work last St. Patrick's Day at an online event hosted by the channel E-Dublin. As soon as my participation in the event ended, Meg's presentation began and I was already hypnotized by her presence. Fun, humorous and super talented, I noticed she had a very interesting spontaneous personality as a performer, putting together elements of trad and folk in her own special way.

Meg LaGrande grew up in Canada and now lives in Lahinch, County Clare, one of the most beautiful places in the west of Ireland. She has already been a member of the National Dance Company of Ireland's Rhythm and Dance as a fiddler and vocalist touring around the world and after a while she gained great notoriety busking on Grafton Street, one of the most famous streets of Dublin, innovating the fiddle sonority and possibilities with the use of loop pedals and amplifiers.

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