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Our Voices Echo - RURA

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

The life of a musician includes many hours on the road, between cities, countries and sometimes even between continents. Twelve years on the road began with many hours in a overloaded and barely functioning Ford Fiesta. Since that time, Steven Blake (bagpipes and keys), Adam Brown (Electric and acoustic guitars), David Foley (Bodhran and flute) and Jack Smedley (Fiddle and strings), from the Scottish band RURA, have exchanged musical influences and preferences.

It was in 2021 that the four decided to put into motion the idea that they had for some time, to make an album inviting artists who influenced the powerful, modern and fresh sound they play.

The five important guests chosen for this work were:

Piper and one of the founders of the Treacherous Orchestra, Ross Ainslie

Award-winning fiddler and composer Duncan Chisholm

The impeccable singer who gave voice to the theme of the animation "Brave", by Disney-Pixar, Julie Fowlis

The flutist that turns the trad into avant garde, Michael McGoldrick

And the young singer Hannah Rarity.

The EP doesn't need any praise, it praises itself.

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