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Releases: Séamus & Caoimhe Uí Fhlatharta

One of the many things that happen in the supercultural Galway City is a series of free concerts in the University of Galway called Arts in Action. In one of those concerts I heard for the first time the siblings Séamus e Caoimhe Uí Fhlatharta. The concert featured other three musicians, also family related, and focused the repertoire on sean nos singing, the old style of singing, in irish, very ornamented and without accompaniment. But the 5 voices group sang in harmony, with backing vocals, and in many songs with two harps, fiddle, whistle and bodhrán accompaniment, played by the same five musicians. All of that with a very careful respect to the style.

Many of what they did in the concert, the siblings have been doing for years, since childhood in Connemara, region on the west side of Ireland where irish is the everyday language and the traditional music flourishes profusely.

Early February, they released their first EP, that carries their names.

And there are the very well done harmonies over the ancient songs in irish, but also versions of Blackbird, by Beatles, and Scarborough Fair, as well as some tunes here and there.

Listening both the EP and the concert, it's crystal clear they have been listening to loads of very good music, the influence from masters such as Iarla Ó Lionaird, Liz Carroll, Flook and Lunasa is patent.

It's worth staing tuned on what they have to bring us in the future!

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